Our Services

What can I expect from Seward Area Hospice?

Honesty, professionalism and confidentiality. We will listen to your story and encourage you to express your needs and what is most important to you and your family during this difficult time.


A plan of care will be developed that includes you, your medical provider and Seward Area Hospice. We will honor your choices and walk through this journey with you.


Once we are contacted by you or your medical provider, we will arrange a visit in person by our Program Director or Volunteer Coordinator.

Who is eligible?

Hospice is available to any person whose life is measured in terms of days to weeks to months. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness or disease, and life expectancy is six months or less, contact us directly or have your medical provider contact us.


Our service area is from Lowell Point, including Seward and Moose Pass, to mile 36 on the Seward Highway.

How do I know if it's time for hospice?

Clients may benefit from hospice when medical treatments can no longer cure their disease or when the burden of treating symptoms outweighs the benefits of treatment. Although end of life care can be difficult to discuss, talking about hospice helps to make educated decisions. 


Hospice care allows goals to shift from frequently futile attempts at cure and struggling to survive, to a focus on remaining as comfortable as possible and achieving personal growth in the time left. You will determine your own specific goals and hospice is there to support these goals. Hospice doesn't focus on helping someone to die, but to "live well until they die."

What services does Seward Area Hospice provide?

Through scheduled visits and family meetings, the client and whoever they choose will remain informed about their condition and what to expect in the days ahead. The family/caregiver will receive education and empowerment to help care for the client in all stages of the disease process.


We can assist with coordination of medical equipment and varied community resources. We can assist with support needs ranging from letter writing to running errands or phoning a loved one to respite for the caregiver. Grief support and education for the client and family is offered and recognized as a valuable part of the hospice experience. All services are free of charge.


Our mission is to provide you with the comfort, dignity and choice that you deserve. We promise to meet you where you are at, to listen to your needs and support you in in anyway we are able to. See below for details of what we offer.

Trained Volunteers

Trained Volunteers performing direct, non-professional support for the terminally ill person and his or her family. For most people, comfort care means the ability to remain at home, close to family and friends, instead of going to the hospital for uncomfortable treatments of limited value. All care is home-based.

Bereavement Support

We are here to support you as you grieve the loss of your loved one. Seward Area Hospice offers outreach to families suffering loss, community grief groups and referrals for professional help as needed.

Access to information

Information related to terminal illness, coping with loss, dying, and bereavement. Through individual contact, as well as a lending library and community education, hospice provides assistance to those working through anticipated or long-past losses.

Acceptance of all beliefs

Support for spiritual beliefs held and desired by the person. Volunteers support the individual's spiritual beliefs, or lack of belief, or any preference for privacy on this subject, through respecting that preference. The person's spiritual advisor, if they have one, remains so.

Access to medical equipment

A Durable Medical Equipment lending program. Seward Area Hospice will assist people in obtaining medical equipment through the Independent Living Center.