Who is Eligible?

To qualify for Seward Area Hospice, a person's primary healthcare provider must certify that the person's life expectancy is six month's or less. Medical care continues to be provided by the person's primary healthcare provider. A Hospice Care Plan is developed based on the hospice services available and desired by the person and family, in consultation with the primary healthcare provider.

Palliative care, which is care that focuses on alleviating symptoms of a disease or potentially terminal illness to improve quality of life, has no time limit on life-expectancy to qualify for services. Palliative care services may be available as capacity and SAH resources allow.

Enrollment in hospice allows goals to shift from frequently futile attempts at cure and struggling to survive, to a focus on remaining as comfortable as possible and achieving personal growth in the time left. Specific goals are determined by the person, and hospice is there to support these goals. Hospice doesn't focus on helping someone to die, but to "live well until they die."

Seward Area Hospice Services

Trained Volunteers performing direct, non-professional support for the terminally ill person and his or her family. For most people, comfort care means the ability to remain at home, close to family and friends, instead of going to the hospital for uncomfortable treatments of limited value. All care is home-based.

Information related to terminal illness, coping with loss, dying, and bereavement. Through individual contact, as well as a lending library and community education, hospice provides assistance to those working through anticipated or long-past losses.

Support for spiritual beliefs held and desired by the person. Volunteers support the individual's spiritual beliefs, or lack of belief, or any preference for privacy on this subject, through respecting that preference. The person's spiritual advisor, if they have one, remains so.

A Durable Medical Equipment lending program- SAH will assist people in obtaining medical equipment through the Independent Living Center. 

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