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In Loving Memory

- 2023 -

Preston Atwood

Butch Broughton

Quentin "Ken" Carr

Connie Clayton

Donald G. Cooper

Michael J. Corbin

Frank Estes

Tim Fleming

Tom Gillespie

Maxine Hayes

Pat Kennedy

Sanna LeVan

Lois Munson

Kelly Smith

Gertrude Tilton

Mel Volk

Nell Watsjold

Eric Ward

Brett Woern

"To the Unknown Soul"

- 2022 -

Jenie Lin Atkinson

Willard E Dunham

Tim Fleming

Howard Lindquist

"Ida B" Mullan

Tom Prochazka

Jim Pruitt

Helga Ramsperger

Frank Stallard

Louis E. (Gene) Thorn

Brett Woern

"To the unknown soul.."

- 2021 -

Willard E Dunham

Ben & Lucile Faust

Tim Fleming

Anne Hatch

Joanne Hoogland

Lory Leary

William "Bill" Mooney

William Newton

Sandie Roach

Reene & Gene Skinner

Eric Ward

Jill (Terry) Williams

"To the ones that are not around us."

- 2020 -

Frank Estes

Albert R Hobbs

Roxann Seese Johnson

Lory Leary

Herman Leite

Rose & Charlie Morrisey

Anna June Ollestad

George Peterson

Shirley Seavey

Louis "Gene" Thorn

- 2019 -

Willard Dunham

Deb Erchinger

William H Newton

- 2018 -

Ralph Hatch

Connie Hendsbee

Shirley Seavey

- 2017 -

Elizabeth Johnson

Mrs Shirley Seavey

Lee Stevens

Helen Thrall

- 2016 -

Frank Estes

It is a privilege to honor the memory of your loved ones over the years with our Memory Wall. Giving in memory of a loved one helps us to continue providing compassionate care to other local families. 

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