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In Loving Memory

- 2023 -

Nell Watsjold

Tom Gillespie

Pat Kennedy

- 2022 -

Jenie Lin Atkinson

Willard E Dunham

Tim Fleming

Howard Lindquist

"Ida B" Mullan

Tom Prochazka

Jim Pruitt

Helga Ramsperger

Frank Stallard

Louis E. (Gene) Thorn

Brett Woern

"To the unknown soul.."

- 2021 -

Willard E Dunham

Ben & Lucile Faust

Tim Fleming

Anne Hatch

Joanne Hoogland

Lory Leary

William "Bill" Mooney

William Newton

Sandie Roach

Reene & Gene Skinner

Eric Ward

Jill (Terry) Williams

"To the ones that are not around us."

- 2020 -

Frank Estes

Albert R Hobbs

Roxann Seese Johnson

Lory Leary

Herman Leite

Rose & Charlie Morrisey

Anna June Ollestad

George Peterson

Shirley Seavey

Louis "Gene" Thorn

- 2019 -

Willard Dunham

Deb Erchinger

William H Newton

- 2018 -

Ralph Hatch

Connie Hendsbee

Shirley Seavey

- 2017 -

Elizabeth Johnson

Mrs Shirley Seavey

Lee Stevens

Helen Thrall

- 2016 -

Frank Estes

It is a privilege to honor the memory of your loved ones over the years with our Memory Wall. Giving in memory of a loved one helps us to continue providing compassionate care to other local families. 

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